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14. VaEra–The Plague of Hail: Fire Within Ice

“And there was hail, and fire was flashing within the hail…” 1

The flax and barley have been destroyed...” 2

"Hail - The Seventh Plague" by Yoram Raanan. Image courtesy of YoramRaanan.com

“Hail – The Seventh Plague” by Yoram Raanan. Image courtesy of YoramRaanan.com

The first six plagues were not enough to make Pharaoh admit his mistakes. Hashem hardened his heart to allow him to dismiss every plague so far as a “natural disaster”. But the hail, with its terrifying and clearly unnatural fire contained within ice, frightens Pharaoh enough to make him cry out, for the first time, “…I am guilty! God is just! It is I and my people who are in the wrong! Pray to God! Enough of this supernatural thunder and hail…”3

Another lesson for life: the stalks of barley and flax were hardened and inflexible, so they were crushed by the hail. But the spelt and wheat were still young, sprouting and supple and therefore survived.4

Good Shabbos, Shabbath Shalom!

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